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High-quality fittings for the food production

Systems for milk and beer, chocolate and ice cream

TRUBATEC is internationally known for high-quality plants for the food industry, be it for the production of milk, beer or other drinks, chocolate or ice cream. For all media that are pumped through the pipes during the production process, we have the right fitting.

With our high-quality stainless steel fittings, we guarantee high hygiene standards, so that food can be produced cleanly and properly.


For the pharmacy and for highest hygiene standards in aseptic processes we offer PharmCom and HyCom fittings.

A further specialist field is the production of special fittings and prefabrication of components according to the specifications of our customers.

We are the exclusive distributor of M & S Armaturen GmbHin the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

Here is a presentation about Trubatec and M & S: M&SMS Logo